Friday, January 27, 2017

12 years

I cannot believe that my little angel baby is now 16 years old and that twelve years have passed since our lives were forever changed by the negligent actions of someone else.

Mackenzie is now a Sophomore in High School.  She should be having sleep overs, driving, and dating.  But she isn't.
Most days are difficult because she hollers much of the day.  It is incredibly nerve racking and, as we have discovered; no amount of talking to her, negotiating with her, or yelling at her will put an end to it.  I love her so very much and I only want her to be happy more often.  

The other evening when her younger brother and sister were jumping from the sofa to the bean-bag chair, Mackenzie appeared to be turning her head trying to watch them.  Her father then turned her chair to enable her to better see them.  She began watching and laughing.  Moments like this are rare.  It is so difficult to find anything to make her smile – laughing is even more rare.

But I love her, I always have and I always will – I just wish I could do more for her to make her happy more often.

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