Friday, May 3, 2013

Vacations, new van, and beach chair

03 May 2013

Oregon Coast

2012 was a very busy year. Over the summer we took a road trip to the Oregon Coast, we got Mackenzie's Mission up and running, and in August we got Mackenzie a new van.

January 2013 Dave and I took a much needed vacation without the kids - the first one in the 8 years since Keni's incident- to Jamaica!
Tower of the Americas

For spring break we took a family road trip to San Antonio, Texas, the birthplace and first home of Mackenzie. It was a great trip and Keni even seemed to enjoy spending the day at Sea World. Mackenzie's little brother seems to be a great source of entertainment for her and he loves her so very much. As he grows I have less and less time to myself to keep this blog updated.