Sunday, January 1, 2012

Adaptive skiing and more

 01 January 2012

Happy New Year to all our friends and family.

The first week of Christmas break was spent at Keystone Colorado with our cousins from Oregon, Chris and Annika.  Mackenzie did lots of adaptive skiing and had fun.  However, our last night there she got sick and was vomiting most of the night.  The entire time we were at Keystone, Mackenzie had only one seizure!

We all had a great time with the cousins!
Christmas was celebrated at home - just the 5 of us.  Little brother, Zachary, is now a year old and very entertaining.
School is going well for Mackenzie.  She is now in 5th grade - her last year in elementary school.  She is really growing up quickly!

We are approaching yet another anniversary of the 'incident' that took our 4 year old girl from us.  Its been 7 years since our last hug, kiss, 'i love you', etc.

Mackenzie has been on a brain stimulant, Amantadine, since March 2011.  We get reports from school and therapy that she is more attentive and alert than she was before the medication.

She got a new walker, a Rifton Gait Trainer - bright pink- back in October.  We will have to get a picture of her using it.  Some days she does extremely well and walks the hallway at therapy with little to no assistance.  Other days, she screams and cries the entire time and the PT has to move her feet for her.  I would say that she has more good days than bad though.

She also got a new standing device in December.  We haven't had much opportunity to use it given our busy schedules, the baby in the house, and Mackenzie's growth (she is nearly 75 lbs and 55 inches now).  Speaking of Mackenzie's growth - she is at the upper limit of her Britax car seat.  We are exploring our options for what to do next because just a seat belt doesn't provide the added support that she needs.

I guess that's all for now.
Happy New Year to all!