Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Vacation to Pacific Northwest

 6 August 2011

Hello to all our friends and family,

We are having a wonderful summer break.

Hotel Pool with dad
Keni has been attending Respite Care, Inc. 3 days a week this summer.  It is a really fun facility for special needs children and their siblings.  They do arts and crafts and watch movies and play games.  She really enjoys it and is completely wiped out and ready for bed when she gets home at night.

Right after school ended - we took a road trip to the Pacific Northwest.  We visited family in Oregon and in Washington.  Keni even got to spend 2 nights with grandpa & grandma (while mom & dad stayed at the hotel) - she was so excited!!  I know that she wishes she could see more of them.  She really seemed to enjoyed the car trip and didn't complain hardly at all - her little brother complained enough for all of us.