Friday, March 19, 2010

San Antonio, Texas

19 March 2010

Just returned from a Spring Break vacation to San Antonio Texas, Mackenzie's place of birth.  Keni did excellent on the road trip.  We all really enjoyed the visits with good friends.

Big sister, Heather
Roswell, New Mexico

We are planning to send Keni to a "Talking with Technology" camp this summer.  It is a week-long sleepover camp run through the Denver Children's Hospital.  It trains and encourages the use of augmentative communication devices.  It will be a good opportunity for Keni.  The only issue is that parents are not allowed - given our serious trust issues this is very difficult for us.  We decided to send an aide that is like family to us (we luv u Amy).  It will be a very difficult week for me, but I am excited for Keni.

Carlsbad Caverns