Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summertime fun

13 June 2009

School was out the last day of May and we are enjoying summer break.
Mackenzie has become more and more frustrated with her lack of communication and she cries and fusses A LOT now days.

We haven't seen much change in her seizures yet but we are still hopeful.

01 August 2009

Having a good summer.  Keni likes to wake up to early in the morning though.  She is getting past being frustrated all the time.  Still no change in the seizures but the doctor says not to expect anything until 6 months out from the surgery (October) - so we are still hopeful.

Mackenzie enjoyed her visit with Amy from Ohio.  Thanks for coming to Colorado, Amy!!!
Amy Reed-Fuhrer

Mackenzie is doing well in therapy.  She is taking excellent steps, learning to swing, and doing well with sitting and rolling.
Keni's New Seat belt -the EZ-ON Safety Harness
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Our next adventure is coming... this week we are on vacation and taking a road trip to Washington and Oregon.
Spokane, Washington

08 August 2009

We are enjoying our vacation and our visits with friends and family.  Mackenzie is doing well on the trip and is happy to see everyone.
With her big sister