Monday, March 23, 2009

2009 March

6 March

Happy Valentines Day
We have done some research and have decided to try the VNS to help control Keni's seizures.  This device is similar to a pacemaker and is attached to the vagal nerve in the neck area.  The device will intermittently send electrical pulses through the vagal nerve.  The result should be a reduction (or if we are lucky, an elimination) of seizure activity.

Mackenzie is scheduled for this outpatient surgery on 12 March 2009.  With no complications we should return home later the same day.

This past year, Mackenzie's seizures have undergone significant changes.  However, currently they are much less severe than what we saw the first 3 years following the incident and she has been off all anti-seizure medication since October 2008.

10 March

Got news today that our insurance company (Tricare/TriWest) has not approved the implantation device (VNS). 
So for now, while we appeal their decision, the VNS for Mackenzie has been put on hold.

23 March 2009

Mackenzie's VNS implant surgery has been approved by insurance and is rescheduled for 2 April 2009.