Friday, November 21, 2008

2008 November

Tomorrow is Mackenzie's 8th birthday.  We held a party for her over the weekend at the local bowling alley. 
It was a success even though Mackenzie had a really bad cold that day.  She really enjoyed spending the day with her friends and family.

In mid-October Mackenzie had the flu for about a week.  The seizure have significantly decreased since then. 
This happened once before (back in March she was ill for a week and the seizures disappeared for a month and a half) and we are certain that the seizures will return this time as well.

In the meantime, she is completely off all anti-seizure medication and it has drastically changed her attitude. 
She is happy most of the time, smiling and even laughing more frequently than with the medications. 
In addition, she is more alert and aware of her surroundings.  In therapy, she is taking some amazing steps (the best we have ever seen) and she is learning to grasp objects with her hands.

We have been getting new equipment these past few months.  We got an exercise mat and bolster for home use as well as a new chair (The Up-Down Chair)  for her to use at home.  The up down chair allows us to sit her at floor level or at the kitchen bar level.  In addition, she was quickly outgrowing her wheelchair and developing spine curvature and hip displacement - so we got her a new wheelchair.

The Beast
Back in July we ordered an accessible van for Mackenzie.  We had been using a child car seat and lifting her into the vehicle and then lifting the wheelchair into the back of the vehicle.  With her growth, the space was decreasing and the weight was increasing.  So we decided on a full size van with a lift.  We also had four-wheel drive installed because of the area in which we live.