Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2008 September

Mackenzie started 2nd grade as soon as we returned home from Ability Camp.  She really enjoys being around the other students and smiles often in class.

We have begun to notice changes in her since the hyberbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT).  Her physical therapist reports a noticable decrease in the tone in her legs, meaning that her legs are more loose and able to function normally. 
Her sit-to-stand routine has improved as well as her grip (holding of objects).  Most noticable is Mackenzie's ability to walk. 
She can now take nearly perfect steps while being supported around the upper torso. In addition, Mackenzie has taken an active role in using her communication device.

Lately there has been a marked improvement with the use of her talker to participate in conversions around her. 
However, this past week her use of the talker has decreased while she focuses more on gross motor skills, such as walking and grasping objects.

We are all very excited and extremely proud of her.

The seizures have not changed in duration or frequency.  We are looking into our options for different medications and/or the Vagas Nerve Stimulator to get her seizures more under control.