Thursday, August 28, 2008

2008 August

3 Aug 2008

The HBOT Chamber
We have returned to Ability Camp in Ontario Canada.  We left home on the evening of the 31st and arrived this afternoon at the camp.  It was a VERY long and exhausting drive.  Mackenzie started out doing just fine, but sometime in day two she had enough of being in the car seat and began whining. 
I really hate it when she is unhappy.  After we arrived she relaxed on her back for several hours and has since found her smile again.
This place looks much different in the summer time (without all the snow).  The little town of Picton is over-run with tourists and the weather is much more humid than I have become accustomed to in Colorado.   We will be here 3 weeks and then we start the dreaded trip home.  Stay tuned for more updates.

10 August 2008

We are doing well here at Ability Camp.  Mackenzie is happy and smiling all the time.  Yesterday we took a stroll to see the lake.  Lake Ontario is only about 1/2 mile from the camp.

We are doing two hyperbaric oxygen sessions per day.  We are also working on eating by mouth and toilet training.  So far we have had little progress with either. We are hoping to start a feeding therapy program when we return home.

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments and guest book entries.  We miss you all.

Relaxing between HBOT treatments

15 Aug 2008

One week remaining here at Ability Camp.   We are doing great and making new friends. 
We are not looking forward to the drive back to Colorado, but we plan to visit some friends along the way. 
Mackenzie will start the 2nd grade as soon as we get back home (she is missing the first week of school).

I know that Mackenzie is excited to get back to school and see all her friends again.

28 August 2008

We arrived home safe from our journey to Picton Ontario.  I was a long and exhausting drive, but we had a nice visit with friends in Ohio.  Mackenzie and mommy made new friends at Ability Camp and got to reconnect with friends from previous camp stays.  Mackenzie did very well with the Hyberbaric Oxygen treatment again.  She is now up to 80 treatments.  I would like to reach 200 treatments.  We have seen no significant changes since the treatments, but any change, resulting from the HBOT,  can take a few months to occur.  We are not expecting any miracles from this therapy, we only wish to give her every opportunity to heal.  Other the cost, there is no negative side effect from this treatment.