Saturday, May 3, 2008

2008 April

Mackenzie played the piano.  The keys were marked with princess stickers and the therapist held up a paper with princess stickers on it.  Her job was to look at the paper and hit the corresponding key on the keyboard.
Washington State Ferry

In March we took a road-trip to the Northwest.  Mackenzie was sick the entire week that we were in Washington.

When the fever and the vomiting ended – so did the seizures.  We didn’t see even one seizure from the middle of March until the beginning of May.  We don’t know why they went away or what made them return.  Unfortunately, the seizures that returned are stronger in intensity and frequency than the seizures that she has been having for the past 3 years.

April brought puppies and a tricycle.

Mackenzie’s dog had 4 adorable puppies and she was placed on the AMBUCS tricycle wish list and received an adaptive tricycle from an anonymous donor.  She wasn’t on the list very long (maybe a few weeks) when we heard the news.

Mackenzie also found her laugh in April.  She just started laughing one evening and continued on and off all night (until she was asleep).  We were all so excited to see and hear her laugh again.