Sunday, April 24, 2005

2005 Going home

24 April 2005

Cincinnati Zoo

The big day has finally come and Mackenzie has been discharged from
inpatient rehabilitation.  On Thursday, we left the hospital and came home.
Unfortunately, Mackenzie has not made the miraculous recovery that we had
long hoped for.  Although the doctors and therapists seem to agree that
Mackenzie should be capable of much more, they are not in control of the
timeline.  That part is up to Mackenzie.

The unpredictable nature of hypoxic brain injuries leaves us with more questions than answers.  We have
been assured that this is by far not the end.  We have met other patients
that have gone home from rehab doing very little, yet eventually make great
strides.  We've also been assured that the recovery process goes on for up
to a year and beyond, and although it seems like an eternity, we are still
less than three months into this ordeal.

Furthermore, many patients seem to respond well once they return to home and more familiar surroundings.
We are all going through an adjustment period now that Keni is home.
Mackenzie does seem to know she is home.  She smiles, wiggles around on the
floor, and babbles and makes noise.  She rolls from side to side, and
occasionally onto her belly.
Exploring her tongue

At times, she looks like she is trying to get
up, moving her head and shoulders off the floor in a belly crunching
maneuver.  If we take her hands and pull, she pulls her head up to assist.
She is often content to lie on a blanket so she can wiggle freely, but at
times she fusses until we sit her up.  If we hold her in a sitting position,she holds her head up quite well most of the time.  In her wheelchair, she
prefers to sit upright rather than lie back.  She takes interest in any
activity and also seems to watch TV.

Just this evening, she rolled over completely except for her left arm that
got stuck.  She needed help getting the arm unstuck from under her, but then
relaxed and went to sleep on her belly.

Mackenzie begins outpatient rehab on Tuesday, attending Occupational
Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy at Dayton Children's Hospital.