Friday, March 18, 2005

2005 Hospital updates

16 March 2005

The doctors are weaning Keni off of the anti-convulsion medicene this week.
She has been ill and it has not been decided if she has a bug or if it is a
reaction to the new medication (Amantadine).  She has been vomiting at the
same time each night since Saturday - and yesterday she vomited in the
morning just before noon.

She drank grape juice from a straw today.  She was surprised by a mouth full
of juice - but she did it.

She is scheduled for a swallow study today @ 1300.  We expressed the desire
to try feeding her ourselves from time to time and therefore they scheduled
the test.  The swallow study involves Keni taking in liquids that have
Barium added to them.  Xrays are taken of the liquids as they are swallowed
(actually a video I believe) and the purpose is to ensure that the food and
liquids are going into the stomach and not into the lungs.

Our discharge date has been extended until 6 Apr. 
If she continues to make improvements then it may be extended farther.